About Us

We operate auctions only over the internet as we feel that in the modern world of lap tops and smart phones most buyers do not have time to come to every auction  but still want to be able to bid on lots whether at home or in the office.

The advantages of internet auctions are that the buyers no longer have to travel to the auction house to bid on lots which they might not win and also with fair descriptions of the lots with high quality pictures and on second hand items all known defects are listed there is no need for buyers to come to viewing days prior to the auctions although any visitors on viewing day are more than welcome.

To save buyers time and money collecting goods we will send your lots anywhere in the UK from parcels to pallets from £10, just ask for more information on this service.

Internet auctions also have the most important feature and that is the ability to have an auction with an unlimited number of lots which allow lots to be broken down and no longer to lots have to be sold by pallet but can sold in individual or small quantities encouraging more buyers and getting better prices for vendors.  With Live auctions due to the time restrictions only a certain amount of lots can be auctioned in any one day which is costly and slow so we are fully believe in the internet auction experience.

We started off as and IT company specialising in e-commerce web sites and web hosting and from building sites for other companies we decided we would become an internet based auction house using our experience in implementing ISO 9001 quality management systems along with our expertise in online retailing we can offer buyers and vendors a safe and successful place to do business.

For vendors and administrators we are the only auction house to guarantee to pay you on the same day we receive payment for the lots we sell.